Vink Chemicals is your personal biocide specialist.

We develop and formulate individual biocide concepts and advise you on technical and regulatory issues.

Oilfield & Fuel Treatment

Our oilfield and fuel division offers biocides and a hydrogen sulphide scavenger that outperform current solutions on the market. We safeguarde our customers products, from upstream to downstream applications.

Biocides Made in Germany

Vink Chemicals is your partner for biocidal products from a single source. We are specilized in bactericides, fungicides, herbizides and algicides. An important antimicrobial substance used as the basis for many of our formulations is isothiazolinone.

Chemical raw materials

Based on our many years of experience with chemical raw materials we offer numerous important chemical raw materials as commercial products, in addition to our biocidal products.

System cleaners

Optimal plant hygiene can improve the effectiveness of biocides. That saves money and reduces environmental impact. Hygiene also includes the control of harmful biofilms in production systems.

Our current topics

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Our Applications

Biocides are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, where they are responsible for preservation and material protection.

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