Construction industry

You get good raw materials for your building materials

Vink Chemicals offers numerous products for the construction industry. For virtually every special application there are numerous construction materials and construction chemicals that contain specific functional additives. The majority are dispersion powders used in construction chemicals as additives for concrete, cement and gypsum mortar. Dispersion powders reduce water requirements, facilitate handling and extend the application time.

Many other products from the VINK spectrum also play an important role in the construction industry:


  • They are the core business of Vink Chemicals and are also used variously in construction chemicals and numerous specific formulations as in-can and film preservation agents. In façade coatings they prevent or delay the growth of algae and fungi.

KIMIX (titanium dioxide):

  • The white pigment titanium dioxide is the most important technical colour pigment.

Vinkoflame TOF

  • Trioctylphosphate or, to use the complete chemical name, Tris(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate, is used in construction chemicals to reduce shrinkage. It is also used as a plasticiser with outstanding low temperature flexibility and as a flame retardant in polymers such as PVC, PUR and NBR.


  • These cellulose derivatives are used as functional and rheological additives in construction materials and construction chemicals.

Kimpigment pigments

  • These high-quality ferric oxide and chromium oxide pigments are insoluble in water and diluted acids, and are resistant to chemical influences, light and weather.

The following Vinkocides can be used in this application group:

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