Get your coolants germ-free and clean

Lubricants and cooling lubricants not only have to fulfil stringent technical requirements for industrial use, but are also subjected to high germ loads and must be suitable for skin contact. Lubricants are exposed to mechanical and thermal influences as well as chemical interactions with other substances, which accelerate the overall ageing of the lubricant or cooling lubricant. Water-miscible cooling lubricants need to achieve the longest possible service life with minimal biocide utilisation. The biocides and additives for lubricants and cooling lubricants from Vink Chemicals fulfil the most stringent purity requirements. Vink Chemicals has many years of experience in the preservation of water-miscible cooling lubricants.

Our products for the lubricant industry:


  • Vink Chemicals offers all important biocides of the product types 11 and 13, which comprise protective substances for liquids in cooling and processing systems, as well as metalworking liquids. They provide protection against infiltration by harmful organisms such as microbes, algae and mussels.

Vinkoflame TOF

  • Trioctylphosphate or, Tris(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate, is a flame retardant that is used in cutting oils or release agent preparations in the metal industry.

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