Oilfield and Fuel Treatment

We safeguard our customers products, from upstream to downstream applications

Our oilfield and fuel division offers biocides and a hydrogen sulphide scavenger that outperform current solutions on the market. We leverage our expertise in microbiology and our extensive experience in the production of chemicals for industrial applications to support our customers and maximise yield. We provide new and innovative chemistry products based on cutting-edge research that meet today’s strict environmental, technical and quality imperatives.


With its in-depth expertise and experience in microbiology, Vink Chemicals offers a biocide that is effective even under challenging conditions…


With its in-depth knowledge of microbiology, Vink Chemicals is able to offer a biocide designed to combat a broad microbial spectrum…


With its significant experience of combatting contamination, Vink Chemicals is able to offer various biocides designed for the broad microbial spectrum found in fuels…

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