Paint and coatings industry

To keep your container clean: Biocides from Vink

Paints and coatings are available in an enormous variety for diverse applications. Indoor wall paints, emulsion paints, façade paints, stains, printing colours, paints for creativity or the polymer emulsions used as the basis for emulsion paints are just a few examples of this technologically demanding product group. We offer almost 40 standard formulations for biocides and biocidal products for in-can and film preservation, to protect products in containers against microbial damage during storage. Take advantage of our consultation services in choosing a biocide.

In addition to our biocides for in-can and film preservation we also provide you with important chemical raw materials for the paint and coatings industry, all from a single source:


  • They are the core business of Vink Chemicals and are also used variously in paints and coating sand numerous specific formulations as in-can and film preservation agents.


  • This serves as a functional and rheological additive.


  • These high-quality ferric oxide and chromium oxide pigments are insoluble in water and diluted acids, and are resistant to chemical influences, light and weather.

KIMIX (titanium dioxide)

  • The white pigment titanium dioxide, very good quality, is one of the technical color pigments used worldwide.

The following Vinkocids can be used in this application group:

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