Paper manufacture

All chemicals for paper productions

Ecological aspects are especially important in the manufacture of paper. About 50 years ago, the production of one kilogram of paper consumed 100 to 200 litres of water. Due to technological improvements and the use of biocides that reduce the microbial load in the process water to preserve it longer, it has been possible to reduce the water consumption to only seven litres. Our selection of biocides of product type 12, which are used as slimicides in the paper industry, is extensive and are also effective against persistent biofilms.

Our products for the paper industry:


  • Vink Chemicals offers all important biocides of product type 12 for preventing or controlling the formation of slime on materials, equipment and objects that are used in industrial processes, for example on chemical pulp and cellulose, and therefore also paper.

Kimicell cellulose ether

  • This serves as a functional and rheological additive.

KIMIX (titanium dioxide)

  • The white pigment titanium dioxide is the most important technical colour pigment and is also used in the paper industry.

Defoaming agents

  • Defoaming agents are products with excellent surface activity that suppress undesirable foaming in paper processing or destroy foam that has already formed. Defoaming agents are used in the paper industry in the form of an aqueous emulsion with an ethylene-vinyl acetate base.

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