Textile and leather industry

Biocides for hygienic wet processes

The manufacturing processes for textiles and leather are very complex. To meet these requirements special supply companies, offer auxiliary substances and services for the textile and leather industry to cover the entire spectrum of wet processes. Vink Chemicals provides these specialists with important additives and biocides.

Our products for the textile and leather industry:


  • Vink Chemicals offers a broad spectrum of biocides for the beamhouse in the manufacture of leather or the finishing of textiles.

Kimicell cellulose ether

  • This functional and rheological additive is used for adjusting the viscosity of floats and coating pastes in the textile industry.

Kimpigment pigments

  • These high-quality ferric oxide and chromium oxide pigments are insoluble in water and diluted acids, and are resistant to chemical influences, light and weather. They are used for dyeing textiles and leather.

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