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Biocide for drilling

With its in-depth expertise and experience in microbiology, Vink Chemicals offers a biocide that is effective even under challenging conditions – providing robust protection of drilling fluids against a broad microbial spectrum.

Drilling fluids, also called drilling muds, are complex, and fulfil several key functions to make drilling possible. At the same time, their composition makes them a source of nutrients for microbes. They are therefore vulnerable to contamination, putting their important drilling-related properties at risk.

Our biocide product is designed to safeguard drilling mud attributes during ongoing operations, and to prevent equipment damage arising from microbial spoilage.


Biocide for oil production

Vink Chemicals offers a biocide that combats a broad microbial spectrum, preventing contamination and its serious consequences in oil production.

Water and nutrient-rich substances are present throughout the production process, in quantities that vary from the very small to the extremely large. If there is a lack of effective microbial management, a variety of problems can ensue. These can include, over time, obstructions in piping, the formation of biofilms, the bacterial generation of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Crude oil production is highly susceptible to microorganisms. Our biocides are engineered to deliver effective protection against damaging microbes. These products’ exceptional properties make them suitable for use in diverse fluids and stages of production, such as:

  • Injection water
  • Produced water
  • Crude oil treatment
  • Hydraulic fracturing


Hydrogen sulphide scavenger for oil production

In response to evolving market needs, Vink Chemicals now offers an innovative non-triazine-based hydrogen sulphide scavenger designed to outperform established HHT solutions for the production phase.

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas found in many of the world’s crude oils. It is also formed during the refining process through the degradation of sulphur-containing compounds at high temperatures. Heavy oils, including crude oil, residual fuel and gas oil, typically have large concentrations of H2S. If these products are stored for extended periods without H2S management, this can lead to safety, compliance and corrosion issues.

While safety remains the primary concern, H2S can create additional challenges for these facilities. Our hydrogen sulphide scavenger is designed to effectively combat these problems.


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