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Extended storage & associated risks

The collapse of the crude oil price and low fuel consumption is a current oil market economy topic.

Storage capacity and its limitations are also a major subject of discussion in the market. Long-term storage leading to the aging of crude oil/fuel can trigger adverse effects on the quality of products and the integrity of assets during any extended periods.

Vink Chemicals encourages industry to act today to proactively protect its products and assets.

Physicochemical and/or biological processes that occur simultaneously in most cases, will be detrimental to the quality of stored products.
Extending the storage of crude oil/fuel leads to the deterioration of hydrocarbon fluids by changing their physicochemical characteristics and promotes precipitation of heavier components like asphaltenes and paraffins. In combination and under specific conditions, the deposits form a heavy, sticky, oily sludge in storage tanks that is difficult to remove and it has detrimental effects on ancillary equipment (pipes, valves, pumps…)

Long storage periods are also linked to increased water droplets settling in vessels, tanks and other equipment. Considering the low turnover rate, the conditions are perfect for microorganisms to grow at the fuel-water interface or within the sludge. The by-products of microbial activity such as organic acids naturally accumulate in the system, decreasing the pH. Further common issues associated with deterioration of the fluids are the H2S released by SRB and the slow thermal decomposition of sulphur containing compounds.
As the heavy components precipitate and the physicochemical properties of the system change, the equipment becomes more prone to corrosion. What can companies do to mitigate issues with quality of the products and avoid their assets deterioration?

Applying best practice SOPs is key to prevent the deposition of oily sludge and avoid microbiological growth. i.e. by assuring storage conditions above the wax appearance temperature, draining the free water frequently and considering chemical treatment programmes.

Best practice operation approach can protect the product and avoid asset damage, and this is today’s Vink Chemicals alert to its clients.

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Guideline limits for microbiological contamination in liquid fuel

Wax inhibition solution to problematic wells 

Asphaltene inhibition solution in prevention and treatment  

Compatibility of fuel biocides with diesel specifications 

At Vink, we support our clients applying best practices based on our extensive expertise by offering:

  • Paraffin dispersants with preventive or corrective action to solve the most common issues with paraffin dissolution.
  • Pour Point Depressants with strong effects on the viscosity that decrease the yield stress to facilitate pumping during transfer of oil.
  • Asphaltene dispersants with complex stable bond between asphaltene and the dispersant, providing long-lasting effects to avoid deposition.
  • Biocides with proven anti-corrosion properties and long-lasting preservative effects (>70days) which are soluble in both oil and water phases.
  • A range of other additives to enhance the preservation of crude oil and its derivatives.
  • H2S scavenger that is fully oil/water soluble with no polymeric by-products.

At Vink, we offer solutions to solve existing problems by offering a range of curative treatments to support our client to face tomorrows consequences:

  • A full spectrum system cleaner against bacteria (incl. SRB), yeast and molds with an excellent capacity to remove established biofilms and sludge.
  • Paraffin solvent solutions with a proven record to be applied in batch treatment to dissolve already created wax back into solution.
  • Asphaltene solvent solutions with the ability to react with already formed asphaltene agglomeration and bond to it with further dispersion.
  • Low/high pH system cleaners range to fulfil traditional cleaning methods.
  • A broad choice of solvents that comply with specific regulations and a wide range of technical requirements.


With its in-depth expertise and experience in microbiology, Vink Chemicals offers a biocide that is effective even under challenging conditions…


With its in-depth knowledge of microbiology, Vink Chemicals is able to offer a biocide designed to combat a broad microbial spectrum…


With its significant experience of combatting contamination, Vink Chemicals is able to offer various biocides designed for the broad microbial spectrum found in fuels…

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