Clean label with nature-identical preservatives

With parmetol®PSG, Vink Chemicals offers a green alternative to biocide formulations based on zinc pyrithione or other preservatives requiring labelling and safety warnings. parmetol®PSG is based on nature-identical substances approved for [...]

grotamar®82: Produktion und Distribution in guten Händen

The biocide specialist Vink Chemicals provides extensive portfolio of biocide products and among them is the marketable biocide brand grotamar that was owned previously by Schuelke & Mayr GmbH. grotamar®82 is well known biocide for diesel fuel [...]

Reclassification of zinc pyrithione

Vink Chemicals offers very good alternatives to reclassified active ingredient Zinc pyrithione (INN, CAS no.13463-41-7), the zinc salt of pyrithione (pyridine-2-thiol-1-oxide), has recently been reclassified. Changes in European Biocide [...]

Vink Chemicals donates hand disinfectant

Situation of supply chain, deliverability and travel activities by Vink Chemicals biocide business

Clean Labelling: efficient and clean biocides

Vink Chemicals support regional social projects

Successful ISO-audit at Vink Chemicals in Kakenstorf

Vink Chemicals supports its customers in the MENA region via an expert in Dubai

Vink Chemicals is a specialist for biocides used in coating. The company develops and produces its formulations exclusively in Germany. Customers of the paint and lacquer industry in the MENA region receive direct local support from the expert [...]

Vink Chemicals aquires “parmetol”, “grotanol”, “grotamar” and further technical biocide brands from Schülke & Mayr GmbH

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG recently acquired the product range of technical biocides as well as Oil and Gas additives from schülke. The next step in the growth of the German Biocide formulator.

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