Cosmetic raw materials

Pure and high-quality natural cosmetic products

Vink Chemicals has a long tradition of trading with raw materials for cosmetics. You can purchase refined shea butter and hydrogenated cottonseed oil of the best quality from us:

Vinkocos HCO (Hydrogenated cottonseed)

Hydrogenated cottonseed oil is an essential ingredient of moisturising creams, due to its softening and skin care properties. Lipstick, decorative cosmetics and various foods are manufactured using hydrogenated cottonseed oil.

Vinkocos RSB (Refined shea butter)

Refined shea butter, due to its skin care and moisture-binding properties, is a valuable ingredient of high-quality personal hygiene products such as lotions, body butter, hand and foot creams, lip care products, soaps, ointments, cosmetics, and much more. Vink Chemicals imports this pure natural product directly from the regions of central Africa where it is grown.

Your contact person
for our cosmetic raw materials

David Zilm | Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Mobile: +49 173 31 666 12
E-Mail: D.Zilm@vink-chemicals.com

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