grotamar® 82

Preservative for control of microbial growth in downstream

grotamar® 82 is an innovative biocide specifically developed for modern diesel fuels and heating oil, offering high performance and low dose rates resulting in cost- effective treatment.


  • Quick and effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • Enhanced anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation prop-erties
  • Excellent long-term protection against microbial material degradation for fuel tanks, pipes and engines
  • Fully soluble in biodiesel, diesel fuel and heating oil with biogenic compounds
  • Improves storage stability
  • New protective formula against premature oil degradation (= anti-ageing).
  • Effectively protects steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals against corrosion.

Product Applications

  • Petrol Stations
  • Commercial Ships
  • Truck / Construcktion Maschines
  • Heating Oil


Vinkocide® BF / BF 56 ist besonders geeignet, um spezifische Problemkeime zu behandeln und eine Headspace-Konservierung zu erzielen. Auch höhere pH-Werte wie z. B. in Silikatfarben und Putzen können konserviert werden. Vinkocide® BF / BF 56 erreicht eine schnelle und lange Wirksamkeit.


Active Ingredients

  • MBO

Free of the following

  • VOC

Additional Information

  • Headspace-effect
More about grotamar® 82

Regulatory reclassification of grotamar ®82 in the European Union

grotamar ®82 is designed to safeguard fuel tanks and engines in boats, ships, trucks and other vehicles and vessels against the effects of diesel contamination. It has been widely used by the general public for many years.
However, a reclassification of chemicals in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland by The Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of ECHA means the use of this product by the general public is now prohibited, and it may only be handled by professionals.


How can our customers prevent microbial contamination of diesel?

You will still be able to protect your tanks and engines with grotamar ®82; however you will not be permitted to buy or apply it directly. Instead, you can request your supplier to put grotamar ®82 in your vehicle or vessel. As long as the product is applied by them and in their name, this is considered professional use, and complies with the new rules.

Please note that this only applies to the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.


The first biocide with a new protective formula for modern diesel fuels

grotamar® 82 is a versatile additive and can be used in all types of diesel fuel and heating oil, each with bio diesel up to 20% and also in pure mineral oil diesel without bio component. But You can use it also in pure bio diesel, i.e. FAME as B100. grotamar® 82 is especially designed for the new generation of modern diesel fuel and heating oil. It stabilizes the fuel and won’t let microorganism degrade the quality. grotamar® 82 is based on its predecessor grotamar 71®. The new formula provides much more protection for the tank systems and is as efficient against diesel pest.


Before buying grotamar® 82

From 01.12.2018, grotamar® 82 will only be used and handled by dealers and service partners. This is the reason why the grotamar® shop is no longer online. Please ask your boat service partner or contact our service partner.


Please pay attention!

Plugged filters and visible bio sludge in the tank are often the first signs of a microbial contamination. These signs can also be caused by other contamination issues without the influence of microbes.

If a thick layer of bio sludge is visible in the fuel tank or bio films are sticking to the wall, then it is usually too late to sanitize the tank with a shock treatment. The tank cleaning must be cleaned thoroughly! The persistent bio film need to be removed mechanically to prevent a recontamination. After an in-depth tank and pipeline cleaning the contaminated diesel fuel should be treated with a shock dose of grotamar® 82.

Please bear in mind that after the addition of grotamar® 82 dead microbes can plug the filter and an additional filter change may soon be required. The dead microbes will not be dissolved by grotamar® 82 because it does not contain acid. Acid would attack the material in the tank system.

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