Dispersion powders

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Dispersion powders are spray-dried polymer dispersions. They are dry, free-flowing powders with a long shelf life that are distributed in water for making cement or gypsum mortar, which causes them to redisperse. The dispersing agent significantly improves the properties of cement and gypsum mortar. Improved elasticity and reduced permeability are additional positive effects of dispersion powders on cement and gypsum mortar, as well as on sealing and jointing compounds, wallpaper paste, compensating and filler pastes or façade coatings.

Before setting, dispersion powders lead to:

  • lower water requirement
  • simplified handling
  • a longer processing time

After setting, they provide:

  • better adhesion to the ground
  • better flexibility
  • higher cohesion between the constituents of the construction material

Dispersion powders are used in the following applications

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