The completely new cleaning concept for optimal industrial hygiene.

What is ECOLINE Pipe Purification?

More stringent requirements with respect to industrial hygiene and the desire to reduce preservatives led to the development of ECOLINE Pipe Purification. This new and innovative cleaning method for pipes, in combination with the system cleaners Vinkocide SR1 and Vinkocide SR3, provides the basis for clean and hygienic conditions in your system.

How does ECOLINE Pipe Purification work?

In the ECOLINE process, a defined quantity of liquid (generally water) is conveyed together with the system cleaners Vinkocide SR1 or SR3 by means of compressed air through the pipes in order to clean them. The expansion of the compressed air accelerates the flow of the liquid, causing it to swirl and forcing it to flow through the pipe at high speed.

How can I try out ECOLINE Pipe Purification?

All you have to do is call us, and we will clarify the details and requirements for the use of our mobile ECOLINE unit at your site and make you an offer based on the estimated expense.

Which industries are targeted by ECOLINE Pipe Purification?

ECOLINE Pipe Purification was developed for cleaning production systems, pipes and equipment in the following applications and industries:

Adhesive Industry

Paint and Coatings Industry

Construction Industry

Lubricants, Coolants

Paper Manufacture

Water Treatment

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