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Optimal plant hygiene can improve the effectiveness of biocides. That saves money and reduces environmental impact. Hygiene also includes the control of harmful biofilms in production systems. Effective cleaning measures can reduce their growth. For this purpose we offer the system cleaners SR1 and SR3®, which can be used in combination or together with biocidal components, as needed. They are used for regular cleaning of production systems based on materials, operating parameters and the degree of infestation.

Their outstanding cleaning performance removes dirts, bacterial slime, fungi and yeast colonies. Containers and lines are also effectively cleaned at inaccessible locations. When correctly selected and implemented, system cleaners minimise the germ load that is present in production processes for paints and coatings. This basis enables the efficient use of the necessary biocidal formulations for product preservation.

Vinkocide® SR 1 / SR 3

These highly effective system cleaners are used to remove biofilms in industrial supply systems and production plants; they feature outstanding cleaning effectiveness.

Area of use

Vinkocide® SR 1 / SR 3 remove dirt, bacterial slime, fungi, and yeast colonies. Containers and lines are also cleaned at inaccessible locations.

Product properties

Vinkocide® SR 1 / SR 3 are all-in-one cleaners with a broad application spectrum. The effective cleaning power of our system cleaners makes it possible to minimise interruptions in production for the cleaning process. Vinkocide® system cleaners contain tensides for cleaning and improved action. Other ingredients are acids (Vinkocide® SR 3) or alkaline solutions (Vinkocide® SR 1).


Vinkocide® SR 1 / SR 3 washes off easily and contains additional organic dispersing agents for dissolving and removing biofilms from the system. Most biocides have no additional cleaning effect. Disinfection alone is therefore not an effective solution against biofilms. The use of Vinkocide® system cleaners effectively dissolves and removes biofilms from pipe walls. This prevents the recurrence of microbial infestation of the system and products through the development of biofilms. Biocides can be added separately as needed.

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