Reclassification of zinc pyrithione

08th December 2020

Vink Chemicals offers very good alternatives to reclassified active ingredient

Zinc pyrithione (INN, CAS no.13463-41-7), the zinc salt of pyrithione (pyridine-2-thiol-1-oxide), has recently been reclassified. Changes in European Biocide legislation (BPR; EU. No 528/2012) have been driving the entire market of technical biocides in recent years and this will continue in the years to come. Vink follows this legislation very closely and has various formulations in its portfolio that are perfect alternatives to products containing zinc pyrithione.


The 15th ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress) of the EU CLP Regulation has been published in August 2020 and contains a reclassification of zinc pyrithione. This relates to the reproductive toxicity of category 1B. The reclassification is mandatory after a transitional period, from 1st of March 2022 on. Compliance is not required immediately, which means that labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures can be adapted and existing stocks that are subject to existing legal requirements can be sold.

Testing alternatives in a timely manner
With grotan®BA21, Vinkocide®CMIK10, parmetol®PSG and other products Vink Chemicals offers numerous alternatives to products containing zinc pyrithione, some of them are approved for indirect contact with food. In particular, all compounds of parmetol®PSG are based exclusively on nature-identical active ingredients, which are safe for food contact. It is free of formaldehyde, organic halogens and sensitising substances. Above all, it does not contain isothiazolinones. This means that parmetol®PSG fulfils the requirements of the common eco-labels and Ecocert and does not require warnings on the final product.

According to the Biocidal Products Regulation, a biocidal product may not be authorised to be placed on the market for use by the general public if the product itself is classified as a category 1A or 1B reproductive toxicant. The reclassification of zinc pyrithione will mean that mixtures containing zinc pyrithione greater than or equal to 0.3% will be classified as category 1B reproductive toxicants. Vink Chemicals therefore recommends that all users check the application in good time and, if necessary, test alternative preservatives and switch to them.

The experts from Vink Chemicals are always available for advice on the selection of the future preservation system.

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